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Jennifer Slattery Textiles

'Garden Cuttings' Damask Irish Linen Table Accessories, White

'Garden Cuttings' Damask Irish Linen Table Accessories, White

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Designed and produced by: Jennifer Slattery Textiles

Garden Cuttings woven pattern features drawings of plant cuttings, the design is woven in to Irish linen of the highest quality. 

Damask Irish linen is woven on a Jacquard loom, using a mix of plain and satin weaves to create a subtle pattern.  This Damask Irish linen has a smooth texture with a reversible pattern, it has a wonderful natural lustre and a luxurious finish. This modern take on traditional Irish linen Damask of a bygone era is of heirloom quality for future generations to enjoy. 

Woven on the last remaining Jacquard loom in Ireland. 

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