About us

Behind the Brand

Bon Matin means Good Morning in French and our goal is for your mornings to be better with our carefully selected products. We've loved curating a collection of predominately women-owned, sustainably sourced and hand-made items from Europe and around the globe.

Our goal is for you to fall in love with our shop.

What We Value

Sustainably and Ethically Sourced

We choose vendors who ensure they're choosing materials grown and manufactured in ways that use fewer natural resources, respect nature and people, and ensure the welfare of animals throughout the supply chain.

Focus on Women-owned Businesses

Supporting women entrepreneurs allows them to reinvest in their businesses and training. Women entrepreneurs and small businesses use this money to expand their businesses which in turn promises further financial security, community involvement, and economic impact.

Small Batch and One-Of-A-Kind Products

Small batch matters for two primary reasons:quality and authenticity. When using large-scale production techniques, manufacturers may use adjustments, leading to a lower standard of quality.

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