Hangai Mountain Textiles

Hangai Mountain Textiles

We are proud of the cashmere robes, throws and blankets that we carry from the family-owned business, Hangai Mountain Textiles. This elevated brand has a showroom in Basalt, Colorado and a presence in Mongolia, where they source their fibers — and where owners Betina and Bill Infante have lived and worked for more than a decade.

🇲🇳 Hangai Mountain Textiles’ unique collection of yak down, baby camel and cashmere throws and accessories are knit and woven exclusively in Mongolia from hand-combed natural fibers.
🐐 The business ensures that production remains in-country for their partners: the herder families, the knitters and the weavers, all of whom embrace fair trade, sustainable production, and local empowerment.
🗺️ We so appreciate how this conscious brand has built an international phenomenon that highlights Mongolia’s natural fibers, while preserving tradition and culture.

We are so honored to be part of their story — and you can be, too, when you purchase a soft cashmere robe or blanket!

Learn more at https://hangaimountaintextiles.com/

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