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Verderoccia Firenze

Tuffo Towels - White & Assisi Blue

Tuffo Towels - White & Assisi Blue

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Designed and produced by: Verderoccia Firenze

Each item is custom-made by Verderoccia artisans.

Imagine a soothing mix of a tranquil blue sky and a glimpse of Mediterranean. An island, that seems 'hand painted' and carefully placed on the horizon ahead of you. All of this to offer the specific image that inspired 'tuffo'; a simple dive in the allure of Tuscany.

"We see perfection and beauty everywhere... we are just connoisseurs with poetry in our hearts." D. P.

Material: 100% Egyptian cotton terry, Made in Italy

Our bath towels and bath sheets are embroidered on both ends as per Italian tradition.

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